Friday, June 3, 2016

DIY Outdoor LED Christmas Lights Introduction

DIY Outdoor LED Christmas Lights Introduction

After building wearable panels for my son's Halloween costume, using WS2812B programmable LEDs, and the amazing software from FastLED, I started thinking about how great it might look to have programmable LEDs lighting up my house.

These would mostly be Christmas lights, but I could also picture firing up some green effects for St. Patrick's Day... pink tones for Valentine's... and red and white LED effects for Canada Day.

There would be some challenges...
Learning more about FastLED
Finding a power supply for more than 1300 RGB LEDs
Running wire so that nothing was exposed
A mounting system that was pretty much permanent, but allows for disassembling if repairs are needed.
Keeping it affordable!

I don't think the result will be as jaw-dropping as the light shows you see on YouTube -- since I want to use LED's and not incandescent bulbs, and I don't want to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into setting it up every year.  Just something that stands out from the other houses, with little to no maintenance after it's installed, and some flexibility in choosing the colors and animations for the programmable WS2812B LEDs.

This blog will outline my DIY Outdoor LED Christmas Lights project as I go along.